2015-07-29 02:50:09 by derparama

*THIS IS NO LONGER A VALID POST. I FIXED THE PROBLEM I ADDRESSED, SO IT'S FINE NOW* i'll just keep this here so you know what happened or whatever.

so I uploaded a picture, saw something was wrong with it, fixed it, tried to re-upload image, but newgrounds says "that's the same picture!" so I can't upload it, which means you can't see it. or can you..? YES YOU CAN on my alternative, deviant art! go there to see it! I would much rather post it here though. but until the problem is fixed you got to go here. sorry. http://derparama.deviantart.com/art/OH-DANG-549674325?ga_submit_new=10%253A1438151794

crap that I did...

2014-06-03 19:24:58 by derparama

so you know how I said that I might not post anything new in a year? well that's a half truth. of couse i'm posting something right now breaking the in a year thing but they're not really animations as I would have hoped. they're pictures that I made which you could see in my art... gallery thing- i'll just call it art. and if you want to see a sort of timelapse of a certain picture there are links to it down below. also part of the reason I think I said half truth was because I actually did this a YEAR ago. so I don't really consider this "new". WARNING: i'm good at drawing but not with a mouse. and also these aren't done on a program i've downloaded and uploaded a timelapse to youtube. it's just a thing i've stumbled upon. 

1st picture


2nd picture


3rd picture (I call him Frederick the Fat Fish!)


4th picture (which of course is the one I have on the front page)


i'm new...

2014-05-15 17:47:24 by derparama

Hey! i'm new here! well kind of. I made an account a long time ago and didn't do anything sinse. BUT, I might actually do things on here soon. okay near future... a decent amount of time... okay i'm lying - probably a few YEARS. but if I ever stumble upon something quite interesting I might just share it.